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ooking for an easy way to fundraise? The Produce Express fundraiser involves the whole community and is almost no work for your staff! Here is how it works:

Produce Express is a great choice for your fundraising needs! Not only will you be able to provide your supporters with quality produce, but you’ll also receive a credit back with us. During your first month, you’ll receive 10% back as a credit, and every month after that, you’ll receive 5% back. This is a great way to continue fundraising efforts while also receiving a little extra help along the way.

. Using the provided flyer or using marketing content of your own, your school promotes the fundraising code within your community.

3. Members of the community shop on and get their groceries delivered to their door. 10% of this order total goes to the school as a donation!

4. At the end of the 1 month fundraising period, the total amount raised will be available as a credit to order fresh produce and OSNP approved grocery items through our website.

Tip: School volunteers do not handle the grocery orders, Produce Express staff deliver order directly to customers homes.

How do I sign up?
Email with the following information: your name, school address, school name, phone number and any questions you may have!

All products on our school website are in compliance with the Ontario Student Nutrition Program guidelines.

If you would like to have fresh produce options available through the snack program at your school, contact us today!

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