Is your school looking to fundraise? Produce Express offers a contactless safe fundraising program that requires very little work. This program does not require volunteers, parents or students to directly come in contact. To learn more about our program or to see if your school applies please email us at We provide fresh produce to schools across Southwestern Ontario! We are involved in the Ontario Student Nutrition Program through the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON). This partnership allows us to provide students with healthy and nutritious snack options.

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Due to the restrictions put in place during this time, we have added washed and pre-bagged snack options. These bags will include 2 or 3 healthy snack options that can be handed directly to the students. There will be a variety of items such as pre-washed fruit and vegetables, dairy and grain. All of the items offered on our school website are OSNP approved.

We will be delivering to schools in 2021/2022 school year starting in September. If you require further information such as whether we deliver to your school, or if you require login information, please contact us today!

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All products on our school website are in compliance with the Ontario Student Nutrition Program guidelines.

If you would like to have fresh produce options available through the snack program at your school, contact us today!

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